• Athens
    41 Lambraki Av., Nikaia
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  • Tinos
    26 Zanakh Alavanou str., Chora
    22830 24886

Let Athens Move you!
One of the oldest cities in the world and the cradle of democracy. A city inextricably linked to arts and philosophy. Today, Athens is one of the leading tourist and professional destinations. The sacred rock of the Acropolis with the Parthenon is the most brilliant creation of Athenian democracy and a symbol of democracy worldwide, which is today visited by millions of people from all over the world.  

The large area covered by Athens and the many, scattered attractions that must be visited make it necessary to use a car. Athens can even be your base for small getaways to nearby destinations with ancient monuments and fantastic routes that will literally amaze you. Just drive a rental car from Move Rentals to discover them! Trust Move Car Rentals and you will find the right car in which to discover as much of Athens as possible. Whatever type of car you are looking for, 4x4, MPV, minibus, medium-sized or small and budget-sized, you are sure to find it here and at very competitive prices, to discover wonderful routes and excursions!

Let Tinos Move you!
Tinos is one of the best-known Cycladic islands and is located in between Syros, Andros and Mykonos. You can visit those islands with one of the frequent ferry boats that depart from the island of Tinos. The island is famous for the church of the Panagia Megalochari, whose icon is visited by thousands of Christian pilgrims each year on 15 August.  

It is definitely worth visiting Tinos to enjoy its magical landscapes and sights. The so-called Muse of the Aegean has a traditional Cycladic beauty, with mountain villages and traditional settlements, the famous doves and picturesque chapels. Its local cuisine delights even the most selective palates, while art lovers especially appreciate its world-famous marble sculpture. For the more adventurous, the island is ideal for trekking, hiking, mountain biking, bouldering or surfing, while explorers will be thrilled by the island’s charming lanes and stunning nature.